Mission & Vission


In the territorial map of Odisha, Sundargarh District is famous for its large dense forest area, natural waterfalls and different mines. Enriched with coals, iron and other ores it is the industrial backbone of the country. The increase in demand of coals and ores in the country, many small and large scale industries have been established in this district. But majority of the population of this district who are SC, ST or other minorities are yet to be educated even most of them are under poverty line. So it is responsibility of the nation to take education to door their steps.

A healthy mind makes a man more active, sincere & focus towards its goal. So Physical education in the institution should be compulsory.


  • To search talent.
  • To divide the students to groups of their interest.
  • To educate them in their field of Interest.
  • To introduce Value based practical syllabus
  • To emphasize vocational education
  • To introduce smart class rooms


  • Improving employability of Graduates.
  • Increase Learning outcomes of Students.
  • Achieving the Target.
  • Implementation of Academic & non-academic reforms.
  • Improving Integration with Industries.
  • Enhancement of Research.